About Us

The Company RAI – Riječki Akustički Inženjering was founded in 1972. For about ten years before that, its founders, together with the developing team, had been working on solving noise and vibration problems in the field of shipbuilding. The Company is specialized in noise reduction at its source.

The ship is the most complicated product of human activity. On a ship there are more than 50 noise sources with levels of over 100 decibel. In the engine room the noise is between 110 and 118 decibel. According to regulations, in lounges and ship cabins that are located at a distance of 6-8m away from the engine room, the noise levels may be equal to 50-60 decibel.

Ship soundproofing materials are supposed to be light, fine, fire resistant and resistant to marine climatic conditions.

RAI is a company with longtime tradition and experience in the fields of acoustics and vibration. Over the last 30 years, RAI has been developing and extending its marine products program. Over that time RAI has strengthened its position as a reliable and competitive supplier on the domestic market.

The marine products program consists of floating floors, fireproof panels, fire doors, ship windows, ship engine and boiler exhaust noise silencers, anti-vibration ship elements and ship refrigeration chambers.

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