Our Results

The following results were achieved in the field of noise and vibration reduction in the last 25 years:

  • 10 patents
  • 36 products
  • 2000 repaired and reconstructed facilities in 5 countries, among which the most important are:
    • Acoustic treatment in over 50 radio and television studios, theatres, music, sport and other halls
    • Noise reduction at 30 thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants
    • Manufactured and installed ship's acoustic equipment on board over 150 ships
    • Noise and vibration reduction at over 150 processing technology facilities (ironworks, refineries, cement-works, paper mills, mines, ...)
    • Noise improvement at over 200 industrial facilities (screw factories, presses, wood industry, compressor and diesel electrical generator rooms, ventilation systems, ...)
  • Over 200,000 workers and citizens protected


Here is the list of some of them:

  • HRT Zagreb
  • RTV Kopar
  • TV Maribor
  • Novi Sad Theatre
  • Nova Gorica Theatre
  • Mostar Theatre
  • Hydroelectric plant Đerdap
  • Hydroelectric plant Obrovac
  • Jesenice Ironworks
  • Ravne Ironworks
  • Kladno Ironworks (Czech Republic)

Documents for Download

Reference List - Shipyards
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