Acknowledgements and Awards

For his longtime pioneer work in the field of noise protection, the founder and owner of RAI Holding, Mr. Radivoj Bošnjaković, B.Sc. in Engineering, was awarded with many acknowledgements and awards, some of which are:

  • "EUREKA" award for membrane resonators (reduction of "noise by noise" - Bruxelles)
  • 3 gold ring awards from the Association of Innovators from Zagreb "INOVA"
  • Genius award from the World Expo in Budapest
  • Award from "TRADE LEADERS" Club from Madrid
  • Ecological award "SILVER FLOWER" - Croatia
  • Grand prix for ecology - Croatian Salon of Innovations
  • "Nikola Tesla" award for innovations - Croatia
  • Life-work award from the Croatian Innovators' Society

and numerous other acknowledgements and awards from Investors and local community.


Inova 1980 - AcknowledgementInova 1982 - Acknowledgement1983 - Award
1983 - rast yu1987 - Acknowledgement1990 - diploma
1991 - International Construction AwardInova 1997 - Special AwardAcknowledgement
Rast Yu Gold PlaquetteRast Yu Silver PlaquetteLife-Work Award to Mr. Radivoje Bošnjaković
Acknowledgement for innovationsSpecial Award for Best Innovation in the Field of Environmental Protection1987 - Licencinform
1989 - Novi List Nikola Tesla AwardEUREKA - Serbian Journalist Association Award - Inova - Croatian Salon of Innovations - Zagreb
Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK), County Chamber Rijeka - Best Innovations Company Award in the County, 1997Tehnika za okolje ENV-YUG - Gospodarstveno razstavisče LjubljanaVikend - Environmental Protection
Genius '96 - BudapestSPIM - Slovenska podjetinško inovacijska mrežaFirst Croatian Kuna for Top 1% of the Most Productive Companies in 2002
III International Construction Award, Barcelona, Spain, 1991rast yu - 1990Medalja Oxford
Certifikat Oxford

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